100 Possibilities of iPad kiosks

Tablet PC - 100 Possibilities - wall mount, wall bracket, table bracket, stand, floor stand

After their triumphant march through the private sector, tablets are now increasingly being used in the business world. Whether in retail outlets, hotel conference rooms, trade shows, office, or gym, tablets are becoming more widely used. 


Through KOSKIOSK, we can also produce personalized tablet mounts according to your requirements, whether you are an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or another tablet user.


KOSKIOSK exquisitely designed the Tablet Floor Stand. Due to its lightweight, the tablet stand can be easily placed anywhere. The clean lines, understated yet stylish appearance and high-quality powder coating make the tablet stand suitable for display in any public area.


Optimized for public use. Floor stands are insensitive to any traces of use and are made of solid steel. Its surface is silver or black, powder sprayed, visually convincing.


It is used in all areas whenever possible. With the tablet floor stand, the iPad becomes an integrated, custom-designed touch display that serves as a room reservation system in conference rooms, as a boarding terminal in airports, and as an interactive information source in car dealerships, furniture stores, galleries, museums, shopping malls, and other showrooms.


A version for everyone. The tablet enclosure can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation. A built-in socket for continuous charging of the tablet keeps it working all the time.KOSKIOSK offers different models of tablet mounts for iPad. There are also desktop stands, protective cases, and wall mounts in addition to the floor stand.


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