Self-service food ordering kiosks

McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, and other fast-food chains are now allocated with some large screen self-service ordering kiosks. Self-service ordering kiosk allows customers to stand directly to order, virtually "urge" them to speed up the orders, and do not take up the tables and chairs used to eat. Self-service ordering kiosks can be automatically identified by scanning or brushing the face of the identity of members. While manual ordering also requires waiters to manually check the customer's membership card and sometimes even seal on the points card to show the points, it is very inefficient and occupied a lot of working time. The use of a self-service ordering kiosk can be completed in one second to verify members' identity, scanning code payment, face payment, membership points, and other functions, saving time and effort and improving the quality of service. Therefore, self-service ordering machines can be used in fast-food restaurants to achieve maximum sales with a minimum workforce and tables and chairs, thus increasing the restaurant turn-over rate.


Self-service food vendors can display menus on the screen, including pictures and information about the dishes, and print out order tickets, helping customers make better decisions and confirm their orders and reducing the chance of missing orders. Orders placed by the kiosk are delivered directly to the kitchen, greatly reducing cashier and communication costs.


Restaurants using self-service ordering machines, in addition to speeding up the ordering process, but also to better understand customer needs, such as customer consumption levels, the most popular dishes, the most popular packages, and other data, can be collected through cash registers, analysis and portrayal of customer portraits intelligently, personalized marketing for different consumer groups, to provide membership benefits.


As we can see, the realization of borderless retail and catering requires more self-service equipment as the basis. Self-service ordering machines, self-service payment kiosks, and other methods will greatly reduce labor costs and give more possibilities to new business forms.


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