10.2 inch 7th, 8th, 9th Gen iPad Floor Stand


Slim standing design, horizontal iPad placement.

The iPad Stand fits 10.2' 9th Generation iPad, 8th Generation iPad, 7th Generation iPad, and etc.

Two rear doors on the back of the stand for the iPad make the power cable management feasible. Internal power supply with an optional row of plugs or 3m long power cable.

Smart disassembly design, minimizing packaging size as much as possible, help to deduct the shipping cost.

Weighted 5mm thick steel plate on the base increase the stability of the iPad, often used in car shows or other exhibitions.

Comply with the ADA standards.

We can choose this product to work with all current iPad or Surface models.

Product Details

Model Number: KOS6903A-2

Support Sample Order: Yes

Sample Delivery Time: 1 Week

Brand Name: ODM / OEM / KIOSTECH

Bulk Order Delivery Time: 4 Weeks

Certification: UL


Compatible Devices: iPad 10.2"

Overall Height x Width x Depth: 1260mm×320mm×380mm

Home Button: Covered or Exposed (Optional)

Base: Width x Depth x Height: 320mm×380mm×5mm

Color: Black, Silver, White

Net Weight: 16.5 kgs

Finish: Powder Coated

Power Strip Inside: Yes (For United States & Canada)

Orientation: Landscape

Include Charging Cable: Yes (For other countries)

Placement Style: Floor Standing

Charging Cable Length: 2m or 3m (Optional)

Material Metal: Durable Steel

Support Silk Print on Product: Yes

Features: Stable, ADA-compliant

Package Dimensions: 1090mm×380mm×170mm

Packaging Details: EPE Foam, Double Corrugated Carton Box

Package Gross Weight: 19.0 kgs

Warranty: 3 years

Product Input voltage: 100V-240V

ADA-compliant: Yes


The iPad stand that we designed specifically for car shows and exhibitions, fits 10.5' iPad Air 3, 10.9' iPad Air 4, iPad Pro 11 inch, 10.2' 8th Generation iPad, 7th Generation iPad, and etc. with an elegant, slim design that is easy to unpack and transport.

The idea of making the iPad floor stand iPad was generated when a customer asked us to design a product that would be easy to carry to and from an exhibition and would reduce the cost of transporting items to and from an exhibition. Our professional design, production, and quality control teams, as well as our valued customers, repeatedly tested the product to ensure that it was the right size with the smallest possible packaging.

The product is composed of 3 independent parts. The upper part is to fix an iPad enclosure, which has two locks to protect the safety of the iPad. If without the correct key, it is difficult to open even with tools.

The middle is the power strip or power cable management part. We assemble UL approved Four Outlet Power Supply for the US and Canada market. Customers can directly use their plug to connect the power supply, safe and reliable. The ordinary iPad charging cable in the market is not applied well to this stand. It is hard to ensure the power supply of 2.1V iPad in 3m length cable, we specially customize this power cable through the factory, so our customers can easily connect to a remote power plug.

For better weight distribution management, the bottom part of the stand is made of 5mm thick steel plate. The iPad stand is more stable and avoids wobbling during use.

Adopt a high-gloss electrostatic powder coating process, with a smooth surface, make this product better match with the surrounding cars or other exhibits.

Reasonable height, ADA compliant for the US market, and we have tested it several times for handicapped use.

45° tilt angle for easier tactile control.

This iPad stand will be applied more and more to car shows, dealerships, and exhibits.

KIOSTECH operates a Shenzhen, China based more than 10000 square meters manufacturing facility with capabilities that include: shearing, bending, welding, punching, rolling, polishing, buffing, milling, grinding, painting, surface finishing, assembly & shipping.


Series Name: KOS6903A-2
Please choose the different iPad holder model for fitting different iPad.
Model Name:
Fit Screen Size
9.7'' iPad
10.2'' iPad
10.5'' iPad
11'' iPad
12.9'' iPad
12.9'' iPad
7.9'' iPad
Compatible iPad
iPad Air 1,
iPad Air 2,
9.7'' iPad Pro,
iPad 2017 (5th Gen.),
iPad 2018 (6th Gen.),
iPad 2019 (7th Gen.),
iPad 2020 (8th Gen.),
iPad 2021 (9th Gen.),
10.5'' iPad Pro,
iPad Air 3,
11' iPad Pro(1st Gen.),
11' iPad Pro(2nd Gen.),
10.9' iPad Air 4,
12.9' iPad Pro(3rd Gen.),
12.9' iPad Pro(4th Gen.),
12.9' iPad Pro(1st Gen.),
12.9' iPad Pro(2nd Gen.),
iPad Mini 1,
iPad Mini 2,
iPad Mini 3,
iPad Mini 4,
iPad Mini 5,



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