Museum self-service guiding Kiosks

2020-11-25 11:43:57

It is Important in a museum to get the information over to the audience to educate and develop interest. In the internet age, the best way to deliver information to them is in a technology-rich way, with a multimedia kiosk's aid. A multimedia kiosk means that it can play multiple applications. It can be an interactive kiosk, which can also play audio and videos - all the ingredients you need to achieve exciting information kiosk to teach people about the exhibits in the museum.


After digitizing all kinds of information about the museum, its exhibitions, and collections, we can place the content on a touch screen. By touching or clicking on the touch screen, the audience can self-helply play the relevant sound, text, graphics, images, animation, video, and other display content, which has a significant auxiliary role to other traditional display methods.


The function of the museum exhibition kiosk is to visit the tour guide, the exhibition area introduction, the museum's introduction displayed objects, the display of images, animation of the aesthetics of the media have a high demand. The touch screen kiosk is usually placed in the main entrance of the museum or large exhibition hall. Its function is to help the audience quickly understand the museum exhibition hall, exhibit distribution, and tour route. Museum facilities, exhibits, major routes, and events can all be displayed on the touch screen. The interactive kiosk must be user-friendly, comprehensive, and aesthetically pleasing.


Museum kiosks are disability-friendly. A wall-mounted kiosk can be mounted at seated height on the wall, or the kiosk stand or surround can be made to seated height so that people in wheelchairs can access the machine. Additionally, the multimedia kiosks have audio, which means that the kiosk can 'read' information out to the user, which is great for the visually impaired or for users with dyslexia or other learning difficulties.


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