Facial recognition systems and smart kiosks

2020-11-25 10:50:37

With the advent of the artificial intelligence era, technology is gradually changing how people live their lives, such as access control, attendance, and payments. The application of facial recognition technology is becoming more and more widespread. Nowadays, face recognition technology is also gradually applied in education and realized in many school scenarios. How is an intelligent terminal device with an integrated face recognition system used in schools? 


Visitor management is the process of identifying, determining the correct access permissions, and tracking the access of visitors to a school or building. In school access control areas, an intelligent access control kiosk with facial recognition systems is used for time management, attendance management, personnel classification management of personnel entering and leaving the school. Campus and school visitor management procedures should describe all visitors to the kiosk, which IDs (e.g., driver's licenses) are acceptable, collect necessary information during visitor sign-in, and information on rules and emergency precautions required by visitors.


The face recognition access control system's application can realize the intelligent identification of the person entering and leaving the scene, and the time management, attendance management, and classification management of personnel. The administrator can record the entry/exit of the person or visitor and record the recognition prompt of strange personnel in real-time.


In the library, smart kiosks combined with a face recognition system, can reduce borrowing books. 


Students can borrow and return books in the self-service kiosks quickly. Owe to a face recognition system, allowing students to "brush their faces" for easy borrowing and facilitating the library management.


Facial recognition systems can also be used in other school scenarios, such as classroom door attendance applications, laboratory access control, gymnasium access, etc.


Tags:smart kiosk,Facial recognition system, school kiosk, education kiosk

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