Exhibition Kiosks at trade shows

Exhibiting your products will be expensive, so you need to maximize your selling ability during the time you have. The exhibition touch screen kiosk can be a helpful tool for any exhibition stand for providing sales and product information to your customers.


When you have a Trade show kiosk with a bespoke stand sporting your companies branding, you know that you have always arrived at the event with the correct information. The kiosk has been set up with all the relevant information like product information and datasheets brochures you want to provide to your customers. It means that the interactive kiosk can save you time in setting up your booth.


Often at shows, you don’t have the opportunity to talk to every person who approaches your stand. Having a kiosk at the booth means that they can still find out the information that they require, or they can leave you a message to contact them at a later date. The kiosk can show your product brochure as a PDF or flash movie file that allows for interaction.


The kiosk can also fit with a printer so customers can print off any information that they would like to take away with them. It might be information about your company and contact details or a catalog of your product lines. Visitors can scan their visitor badge using a bar code scanner or enter their contact details using a touch screen keyboard.


Having a kiosk at a show means that even if you exhaust your product supplies, your visitors can order on the kiosk. The kiosk can also have a credit card reader attached to accept payment for orders placed. It is beneficial if you have a rush on because it means that you can keep selling even if you have run out of stock at the venue.


Interactive kiosks can also combine with digital signage to present your products in some ways. There are lots of different types of the kiosk which you can consider with a range of screen sizes, choice of mounting methods, and options for keyboard, telephone handset, bar code scanners, and printers. Kiosks can be free-standing, wall-mounted, or desk mounted and have a choice of options for how they can be branded.


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