New Charging table Launched

At present, there is a growing demand for charging products in the market. After a period of research and proofing, KOSDISPLAY launched a new charging series of products this month. These include power table charging station and two-in-one charging devices that combine iPad floor stands with charging table.

People are relying more and more on mobile electronic devices, whether for work or entertainment. Imagine if your company is on the exhibition site. If you have a charging table, it can help customers solve their urgent problems. When you sit down to discuss products, the customer can charge his mobile phone or other devices at the same time.


The surface of the charging table is acrylic, with a variety of colors to choose from, it looks upscale and elegant. The base is heavy and sturdy enough to ensure the stability of the charging table. The power adapter has been assembled in advance and equipped with five customized charging wires before packing. It includes one micro cable, two lightning cables and two type-c cables, which can charge with most electric devices. 


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