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KIOSTECH Management & Culture

KIOSTECH Management




President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director


Mr. Danny majored in Business English and is the founder of KIOSTECH GROUP CO., LIMITED. With over ten years of experience as a sales engineer/assistant manager in the kiosk industry, Mr. Tony had successfully worked with customers from Asia, Europe, Americas, and Australasia, etc. in retail, finance, banking, ticketing, information check, government, communications, digital signage advertising & media, health care, post, photo booths, and many others. He has rich experience in international business and the kiosk industry and can make quick changes to assist customers in making their kiosk projects successful. Your organization could benefit from any of your kiosk projects undertaken by Tony, who is experienced, hardworking, responsible, and diligent, etc.




Chief Designing Officer


Mr. James has over ten year’s industrial designing experience in the high-tech industry, such as the kiosk, digital signage, iPad enclosure, TV stands, metal frame products, etc. Within KIOSTECH, he heads the designing department and is responsible for all aspects of kiosk effect drawing and industrial designing with rich experience, fast response, and ability to make quick changes to meet customers’ requirements in making their projects successful.


Daniel Wang


Information Technology Director


Mr. Daniel Wang holds a degree in Computer Science & Technology. He has over eight years in software development in the high-tech industry, such as the kiosk, telephone POS, and ATM’s, etc. Within KIOSTECH, he heads the R&D department and is responsible for all aspects of API, testing program, and driver development of kiosk peripherals with rich experience, fast response, and ability to support customers to develop their application software smoothly.


Always improving with you!


Group Vision: 

To be the professional hardware & software solution provider for kiosk, signage, iPad enclosures.

To show a profit for customers with performance, precision, and perfection


In KIOSTECH Group, we apply the concept of KIOSTECH from marketing to product design and hardware solutions. The sales team will sell our product to the customer, and we get feedback from our customers on our product design, performance, and reliability, good and bad. From our weak point, we improve on it and incorporate it into the next production lot. This recursive cycle will continue indefinitely until the product is perfect.

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