Outdoor digital media will be more popular

In terms of media types, the fastest growing outdoor advertising industry and the greatest demand from advertisers would be digital LCD screens. At the same time, significant premiums will be seen in high-traffic areas and during summer sports events.


The digital economy has given rise to diversified forms of advertising. In particular, digital OOH advertising is driving new consumer upgrades with highly focused, fully immersive experiences and interactive fun, even more, effective than mobile Internet online advertising in attracting new consumers and converting old ones.


Driven by technology, outdoor advertising has become more diversified. With the arrival of the 5G era and the rapid growth of advertising communication efficiency, the use of AI, VR, AR, and other high technology in outdoor media has become more and more widespread, prompting outdoor advertising to become richer and richer while also playing a huge value in increasing audience experience. For example, AR virtual reality large-screen LED advertising, digital window advertising, and electronic interactive screen advertising are all the results of integrating digital technology and advertising innovation.


For example, the AR interactive window display created by Google and MediaMonks, a well-known device production company, allows passers-by to pull out their cell phones and scan the window display to explore the virtual beehives in the AR world and interact with the different bees in the hives. As one of the world's leading search platforms, Google educates people about the role different bees play in the larger ecosystem in a lively and fun way with outdoor advertising.


The diversification of new media forms is attributed to the development of the Internet, which has become a hot advertising communication method today with the advantages of efficient information transfer, strong interactivity, and rich visual expression, making advertising communication breakthrough time and space restrictions. With digital technology, outdoor media advertising integrates with online marketing and realizes cross-media integrated communication mode, which better meets advertisers and consumers' personalized marketing needs.


At the same time, relying on digital technology, outdoor digital media operators can break the time dimension and realize the joint release of advertising information between operators and outdoor media in real-time, as well as meet the needs of advertisers for various centralized or decentralized advertising by personalized joint control such as time-sharing, decentralized and zoning.


Nowadays, digital technology is driving the growth of outdoor advertising, and more and more advertisers are focusing on the communication value brought by digital outdoor media. Of course, the digitalization of OOH is not only reflected at the interactive level. New technologies such as LBS and programmatic, can help advertisers better understand OOH advertising's impact, such as the number of people passing by billboards, types of people, and consumer purchases.

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