Multimedia Information Kiosk with 17 inch to 19 inch Touchscreen


Customizable- KOSDISPLAY provides a veriety of information kiosks from outdoor to indoor. 
Interactive - With touch screen techonology, allows users to interact with the information on the screen.
User-Friendly - Able to provide users information from images and videos, to phone numbers, addresses, menus, hours of operation, calendars, and more.
Available 24/7- Free standing kiosk can offer 24/7 access, regardless of whether or not the business or organization is open.

Product Details

Model Number: KOS6101B

Support Sample Order: Yes

Support Custom Components: Yes

Brand Name: ODM / OEM / KIOSTECH

Certification: CE, FCC

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks



Features: Slim & Elegant

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Color: Silver or others

Touch Screen: Yes

Secondary Color: Silver or others

Panel Technology: 2pt IR Touchscreen

Power Strip Inside: Yes

Refresh Rate: 60HZ

Package Dimensions: 1700mm×560mm×440mm

Speaker: 5W Dual Speaker

Package Weight: 64 kgs

Power Consumption: 160W

Support Customize PC: Yes

Product Input voltage: 100~240V

Ethernet LAN(RJ45): One

Power Surge Protection: Yes

Packaging Details: Film wrap, foam and Plywood box

Supported Custom Components: Receipt Printer, Card Reader etc.


Whether you are looking for what you are visiting a new town center, ask the performance at your local entertainment, or in your office hall to catch up with the latest updates, multimedia information kiosks provides a user friendly resources, allow town, places, companies, employers, and with their visitors, customers and employees to share more information.From pictures and videos, to phone numbers, addresses, menus, operating hours, calendars, and more, kiosks can contain a lot of information.

While some kiosks feature scrolling information, most feature touch-screen technology that allows users to interact with information on the screen.Using the interactive platform, users can enter searches and browse various categories and lists.Some kiosks even allow users to text information they find to themselves so they can reference it again later.

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