Traveler's self-check-in convenience hotel kiosk

To set up some self-service machines in the hotel, customers can check-in directly at the self-service terminal and inquire about the room status.


The operation is easy and quick. You can book your room without queuing up at the lobby service desk. Customers book a room at the self-service kiosk, choose the room type they need, check-in directly through the face recognition and identification information on the self-service machine, and then get their room card after the operation.


The process of traditional hotel check-in is complicated. From the reception desk, the card will be issued only after the reception desk confirms, the ID card is scanned, and the deposit is paid. These procedures are cumbersome and will greatly increase the front desk's burden and increase the waiting time for guests.


Technology changes life, and with society's development, we all prefer more intelligent, convenient, and efficient hotel services. In the same hotel level, the hotel that provides more intelligent and convenient services will give the overall feeling of being more considerate and easier to favor the guests. It helps enhance the competitiveness of the hotel.


It is an intelligent device that can quickly handle self-check-in; for the hotel, the hotel kiosk is also a smart integrated front desk.


Hotel self-service kiosks can provide self-service check-in service and offer hotel indoor intelligent navigation with floor guidelines. The self-service terminal has a self-service inquiry function that customers can check the hotel's introduction, services, food, leisure, and entertainment in the self-service kiosk. Besides, the self-service kiosk can display commercial advertising through the information distribution system to achieve advertising revenue.


The hotel's self-service terminal provides customers with good service and also enhances the hotel's image.


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