Bill and Credit Card Payment Kiosk with Card Dispenser


The payment kiosk installs a note acceptor and coin acceptor that compatible with currencies of most countries around the world. Both note and coin acceptors are protected by secure steel safe.

Customers can choose to pay with notes, coins, or credit cards (magnetic stripe cards, chip cards, etc.).

The kiosk has a card dispenser and also supports the reading and writing of magnetic stripe cards, chip cards, and RFID cards.

Includes a small thermal printer, stereo, and multi-touch screen.

Features can be customized.

Product Details

Model Number: KOS6201F-1

Support Sample Order: Yes

Support Custom Components: Yes

Brand Name: ODM / OEM / KIOSTECH

Certification: CE, FCC

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks


Overall Height x Width x Depth: 1580mm×520mm×470mm

Screen Size: 17', 19'

Base: Width x Depth x Height: 520mm×470mm×20mm

Brightness: 250 cd/m2 - 1000 cd/m2 (Option)

Net Weight: 105 kgs

Screen: Tempered Glass

Material Metal: Steel

Panel Type: LCD

Placement Style: Floor Standing

Backlight Type: WLED

Orientation: Landscape


Features: Card Dispensing Kiosk, Payment Kiosk

Contrast Ratio: 1100:1

Color: Drak Gray or others

Touch Screen: Yes

Secondary Color: Black or Silver

Panel Technology: 2pt IR Touchscreen

Power Strip Inside: Yes

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Package Dimensions: 1740mm×580mm×530mm

Speaker: 5W Dual Speaker

Package Weight: 120 kgs

Power Consumption: 160W

Support Customize PC: Yes

Product Input voltage: 100~240V

Ethernet LAN(RJ45): One

Power Surge Protection: Yes

Packaging Details: Film wrap, foam and Plywood box

Supported Custom Components: Card dispenser, Cash acceptor, etc.


When we manufacture self-service kiosks, we want to win both in appearance and functionality.

.The product appearance, the layout of the interior space, the placement of each accessory will all be well done.

The primary consideration for payment kiosks is security. So we put a secure lock on the front door and a steel bill box inside of the kiosk.

Many customers choose Pinpads as their payment method, so we leave some mounting holes in the middle of the front door to allow us to install different brands and models of Pinpads in our payment kiosks. If you don't need to install Pinpads, the holes are covered by a steel plate, so the payment kiosk still looks graceful.

The appearance and use-easily of function are the advantages of our payment kiosk.

The card dispenser is mounted on the kiosk's shelf with a drawer design track that the dispenser or other accessory is easy to pull out, facilitating adding cards, Which is very convenient.

The front door opens so that the kiosk machine can be placed against the wall without affecting the surrounding environment, saving space for installation.

Nowadays, customers are tending to use the interactive bill payment kiosk. When our customers use this kiosk, it increases the efficiency of buying new cards or recharging and improves customer satisfaction. The multi-touch screen, multiple optional payment methods, fast and accurate card issuance, high-quality metal housing, beautiful powder coating, and very stable stand-up installation enhance the experience of using the bill payment kiosk.

We offer custom solutions to customize different functions and choose various brands of accessories according to the customer's needs.

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