ADA-compliant iPad Kiosk with UL Standard Power Socket


iPad holder designed based on the standards of the New Americans with Disabilities Act.


Easy to install iPad in landscape or portrait orientation.


The iPad enclosure has two locks, making the iPad more secure against theft.


A UL standard plug is put inside of the iPad kiosk to supply the power safely.

Product Details

Model Number: KOS6902B-ADA

Support Sample Order: Yes

Sample Delivery Time: 1 Week

Brand Name: ODM / OEM / KIOSTECH

Bulk Order Delivery Time: 4 Weeks

Certification: UL


Compatible Devices: iPad7.9'',  9.7'', 10.2'', 10.5'', 11'', 12.9''

Overall Width x Height x Depth: 1234mm×380mm×380mm

Home Button: Covered or Exposed (Optional)

Base: Width x Height x Depth: 380mm×380mm×5mm

Color: Black, Silver, White

Net Weight: 15.0 kgs

Finish: Powder Coated

Power Strip Inside: Yes (For United States & Canada)

Orientation: Landscape & Portrait

Include Charging Cable: Yes (For other countries)

Placement Style: Floor Standing

Charging Cable Length: 2m or 3m (Optional)

Material Metal: Durable Steel & Aluminum

Support Silk Print on Product: Yes

Features: Stable, ADA-compliant

Package Dimensions: 1256mm×450mm×280mm

Packaging Details: EPE Foam, Double Corrugated Carton Box

Package Gross Weight: 18.0 kgs

Warranty: 3 years

Product Input voltage: 100V-240V

ADA-compliant: Yes


The New Americans with Disabilities Act standards were adopted by the U.S. Department of Justice in September 2010 and became effective on March 15, 2012, replacing the original Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

The amended New Americans with Disability Act requires all new public accommodations and commercial facilities to comply with the law. When we place an iPad kiosk in public and commercial facilities such as museums, libraries, reading rooms, hotels, theaters, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, retail stores, shopping malls, movie theaters, galleries, trade shows, schools, nursing homes, etc., the iPad kiosk must comply with the New Americans with Disabilities Act. Or the iPad kiosk that does not comply with the law will result in complaints and risk of lawsuits.

Our iPad stands designed following the new Americans with Disabilities Act, and the high degree of consideration given to the use and size of each module of the product makes it ideal for use by people with disabilities, without interfering with the usage by the general public.

The product is made of steel and is extremely stable. The height and the angle of the iPad device allow for comfortable use when meeting the needs of disabled people who are in wheelchairs.

Using the same design, this ADA-compliant iPad stands, with a choice of top iPad cases, fits all the iPad sizes on the market today, such as 9.7' iPad, 10.2' iPad, 10.5' iPad Pro, 11' iPad Pro, 12.9' iPad Pro.

Series Name: KOS6902B-ADA
Please choose the different iPad holder model for fitting different iPad.
Model Name:
Fit Screen Size
9.7'' iPad
10.2'' iPad
10.5'' iPad
11'' iPad
12.9'' iPad
12.9'' iPad
7.9'' iPad
Compatible iPad
iPad Air 1,
iPad Air 2,
9.7'' iPad Pro,
iPad 2017 (5th Gen.),
iPad 2018 (6th Gen.),
iPad 2019 (7th Gen.),
iPad 2020 (8th Gen.),
10.5'' iPad Pro,
iPad Air 3,
11' iPad Pro(1st Gen.),
11' iPad Pro(2nd Gen.),
10.9' iPad Air 4,
12.9' iPad Pro(3rd Gen.),
12.9' iPad Pro(4th Gen.),
12.9' iPad Pro(1st Gen.),
12.9' iPad Pro(2nd Gen.),
iPad Mini 1,
iPad Mini 2,
iPad Mini 3,
iPad Mini 4,
iPad Mini 5,

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