Airport Self-service query all-in-one Kiosks

As a vital transportation hub, the airport has a very high daily traffic volume, with people from all countries and regions coming and going. The human counseling service windows are not enough to meet too many passengers' needs, and there are often long lines, which is very inconvenient for passengers who are in a hurry.


An airport kiosk is a standalone desk or an interactive computer terminal that provides information, goods, or services. In many airports, individuals can purchase tickets, check baggage, and monitor the status of arriving and departing flights at a specific airline's computerized kiosks. Several airlines rely on kiosks to ease congestion and prevent long lines at check-in counters. An airport kiosk may also be a booth where people can purchase food, magazines, or souvenirs from a salesperson before or after a flight.


Computerized, self-service kiosks are usually placed near the check-in counters for many large airlines. At these terminals, individuals can review prices and flight schedules, either purchase or confirm reservations. Many airport kiosks allow customers to print boarding passes and baggage check receipts. An airport kiosk might feature a mouse and keyboard setup similar to a desktop PC. Or utilize an interactive touchscreen so that customers can make their choices by pressing selections on the screen. Many terminals cater to international customers by offering information in several different languages.


A self-service kiosk can confirm a traveler's identity by prompting them to input a confirmation number and insert the credit card used to purchase tickets. The kiosk machine has access to an airline's information database and can immediately access profiles and payment information. If the kiosk system is unable to confirm a purchase or a customer does not have his or her credit card handy, the screen usually directs the traveler to a manual ticket counter so that he or she can speak with a customer service agent.


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